What does the cost for fence installation services include?

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What does the cost for fence installation services include?

What does the cost for fence installation services include?

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Now that spring is just around the corner and you are getting your tools out of the shelves, a new fence installation might seem like a great idea. Our team at Remodeling General and Paint provides you with top of the line fence installation services.

For this post we would like to dig deeper and provide you a set of information that can benefit you when trying to compare contractors in town. Our staff is reliable to meet your demands with 100% quality every single time, and like we’ve mentioned before we are proficient to work with:

  • Chain link fences
  • Vinyl and wood fences
  • Wrought iron fences

When it comes down to business there are 2 considerations that you should have when having fence installation services. First you must know what height you are willing to give your fence, traditionally and the most popular height is six feet.

And the second one is to know exactly what your property size is. Whether it is for containment purposes or acquiring more privacy, you should know this fact to calculate the right square footage that you need to buy. Any miscalculation can lead to buying more or less than necessary.

We’ve also prepared a list of the top 5 factors that you should take into account when budgeting this type of project for your residential or commercial property.

5 major costs considerations for fence installation services

  • Permits: if your property needs special permits for the installation of a new fence
  • Obstruction: you need to guarantee that the new installation doesn’t affect any utility like power lines, drainages, or underground piping.
  • Parts: what materials are you going to use for your new fence
  • Slope: soil might be uneven or trees need to be trimmed and it needs to be safe for construction
  • Workforce: this is also a determining factor that might affect your cost

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