Countertop Types for a kitchen remodeling in Stafford TX Part 2

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Countertop Types for a kitchen remodeling in Stafford TX Part 2

Countertop Types for a kitchen remodeling in Stafford TX Part 2

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Almost 15 days ago, we wrote an article and we talked about two different countertop materials that you can choose for your kitchen remodeling in Stafford TX. We gave a brief description about granite and marble, which are two of the materials that are more commonly seen in the nation when it comes to countertops. Both materials are very alike, that is why today we will discuss a material that has many great characteristics like curb appeal, strength, and versatility.


Let’s start saying that quartz countertops are made from 93% of stone-like materials and the other 7% is made up from plastic and cement-made binders. This is a manmade material, not 100% natural, this comes with many advantages. Its resins work as sealers, so unlike natural stone this needs no sealers; therefore has fewer imperfections in comparison to natural stone like granite or marble.

  • There are many benefits that come with this material, one of them is the natural look, although is not a natural material; you have the chance to get a look of natural stone with fewer of the disadvantages.
  • It has a very hard solid surface composed of minerals. Take advantage of this surface which is harder and far better in comparison to a laminate countertop (which we will talk about in our next blog post)
  • Fewer Imperfections: In comparison to natural stones like granite or marble, quartz has fewer imperfections, if any. Since the slab isn’t necessarily the size it needs in order to accommodate it to your kitchen’s designs you may found it that a lot of the slab goes to waste and there need to be seams added to the countertop depending on the slab and the design of the kitchen; by the way you are paying for this wasted material. Quartz usually wastes less material in comparison to other stones, and has less seams that what you will see in natural stones.

Take advantage of the many benefits and characteristics of quartz, its major brands are Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone; this material is known to be a more clean material for kitchen countertops than a natural stone. We will discuss on our next blog post the characteristics and benefits of laminate countertops. The prices vary, and sometimes quartz can cost more than granite, but consider it as an option because of its many benefits.  Visit our blog for other interesting posts.